HAPPYS came to life from the desire to change the world and empower women with our own efforts. HAPPYS was born in Berlin as employment project designed to create 10 jobs and collect UAH 1,000,000 ($AUD 50,000) start-up fund to back up women who want to start their own business in countries facing unemployment, war and massive outmigration. 

How we do It? We make and sell HAPPYS! HAPPYS is a collection of homewear boots, designed and handcrafted with love in Ukraine. HAPPYS designs are inspired by time-honored craft tradition with modern sense of stylish home, fun travels and magical winter. We are very proud to keep more than 160 feet warm and happy in 7 countries.

All HAPPYS are handmade by real women, so no two HAPPYS are the same! 50% of each sale goes into salaries for 10 women who make HAPPYS and 20% of each sale goes into women's seed capital fund!

HAPPYS are believed to unleash superpowers of happiness and love! 

To enhance the powers mix HAPPYS with cosy blanket, friends and laughter.

Join us on the mission to change the world one pair, one person, one job at a time! 

Help us sell 5,000 pairs to collect UAH 1,000,000 fund.

And stay tuned for the life stories of our women superpower!

how it works